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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Things Yet to Pass

As Old Man Winter refuses to retire and let me open the windows to air this place out, I figured I might as well do some virtual spring cleaning here on the blog. But one cannot move forward until one knows where something. So let's recap!

Recently I made my long-term project "Crawl" available for purchase. You can buy it on paperback, pdf/e-format or on Kindle. I'm currently working to make it available on B&N's Nook as well. And if you buy through Lulu between now and April 4th, make sure to enter the promo code SPLISH to save 20%!

For those of you who like to save your nickels and roll the dice in a game of chance instead, check out Michelle Davidson Argyle's blog to see how you can win a free autographed copy of "Crawl!"

Speaking of bliggity-blogs, "Crawl" just earned its second review from an editor friend of mine. She wields words and weapons with equally deadly precision. Well...maybe the weapons are slightly deadlier. Either way, check our her blog and read her review here!

Ok, enough beating you over the head with "Crawl." I have plenty more projects in store to assault you with. Lest you think I'm a one-trick zombie pony, I assure you that horror isn't my only genre. While I feel a certain fondness for it, my other projects branch into sci-fi, a bit of fantasy and other areas that I'll just call "experimental" for now. I'm currently working on an editing round for "Indigo," my sci-fi detective novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo. I love,love,love this project and can't wait to get it fully polished up. Though it's a departure from "Crawl" thematically, I think it stands on its own on quality.

As for the future of the blog! I tend to be overly ambitious and have spasmodic fits where my brain convinces me I can do anything and everything I want to do.
"Learn to play guitar, speak Japanese and fly a plane? I can do them all at the same time, right?"
In other words, everything I have planned may not come to pass. But here's a shortlist:

- re-start the "SY: One" series. It's kind of timely, what with the alien invasion movies and TV shows. But I will promise you that my version ends much differently than any of those projects.

- start a weekly short story post akin to The Midnight Society from Are You Afraid of the Dark?, because let's face it that show was awesome and there's nothing quite like it on TV these days. I plan on recruiting some authors from the Facebook group "Moody's Survivors."

- start submitting my own short stories to the blog again. I have too many ideas that are begging to be written, but most of them aren't hearty enough for a full-length novel. Not that I have the time to turn them all into novels at the moment anyway, so snippets will have to suffice for now

I think that's enough to keep me busy for a while, don't you? Feel free to comment on your own plans for spring/summer '11 or just your general hatred for this unending winter. I'm going to track down Jack Frost and chain him to my radiator.


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