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Hi there!
It seems you've found your way to this page because you're the curious type and want to know more about little old me. Hopefully I've already answered your query in this RAQ list of "Rarely Asked Questions":

Who are you?
Well that's a bit rude, but since you're a guest on my blog I suppose I can answer. I'm Vincent Kale, novelist and short-story writer.

Is your name really Vincent Kale?
Yes. My mother was a fan of Vincent Price and my father was a head of lettuce.

No, not really. And if you're clever enough, I'm sure you can dig up the truth of my identity.

How old are you?
As of this writing, young enough to answer truthfully but old enough to know how to distract you with shiny things so that you forget what the original question was.

Where do you live?
For the moment, I live in the thriving metropolis of Pittsburgh, PA.

What types of things do you write about?
Ah, now that is a question! My interests are varied and, as such, my writings reflect that. As of this moment, I've written four novels in the genres of fantasy, horror and sci-fi (adult and YA). I'm currently working on a Middle Grade fantasy story that is drastically different from anything I've done so far.

I'm drawn to a variety of genres for a few reasons. Not only am I still trying to find which genre best fits my style of writing, but I tend to READ in multiple genres. Hopefully, you'll be able to find something in my writing that is to your liking!

Do you have any friends?
A few. Do you want to be friends? You can follow me on Twitter or be friendy-friends on Facebook!

Why is this blog called "Crawlspace?" That's creepy...
My first self-published novel was a horror story named "Crawl." Because I began this blog to communicate about all things having to do with "Crawl," "Crawlspace" was born!

So, can I like, actually BUY something? Or are you some weird anti-capitalist?
Okay, settle down. No need to get all uppity! As I just mentioned, "Crawl" is currently my only novel available for purchase, but that will hopefully change soon. You can buy a paperback version or two types of eBooks, depending on your preferred device. Please see the links and prices below!

Paperback @ $9.99 ea + s/h
*If you want a paperback copy, please only buy from at this time. There is some shadiness going on with Amazon that I'm sorting out (though the Kindle version is perfectly fine!)
eBook (pdf) @ $2.99 ea
eBook (Kindle) @ $2.99 ea

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