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For information on my debut horror novel, "Crawl," please click here.

Synopsis for "Crawl":

A monster lurks in the sleepy town of Oakdale.

Its home is Fairweather Manor, once a beautiful example of Victorian architecture and suburban pride. Since the untimely death of its caretaker, the grounds have fallen into disrepair. It has become a cursed house, a murder house.

A family from the neighboring metropolis of Steel City has recently moved in, looking for a fresh start. The Carsons have heard stories of strange occurrences in the house, the deaths that have taken place there. They'll risk the rumors rather than returning to the deteriorating city.

What they aren't aware of is that they share their new home with something else. Something that moves within the walls and under the floorboards. Something that watches them from the shadows. Something that has waited for them for a very long time...the creature known as Crawl.

"Crawl" is currently available for purchase in a paperback version or two types of eBooks, depending on your preferred device. Please see the links and prices below!

Paperback @ $9.99 ea + s/h
*If you want a paperback copy, please only buy from at this time. There is some shadiness going on with Amazon that I'm sorting out (though the Kindle version is perfectly fine!)
eBook (pdf) @ $2.99 ea
eBook (Kindle) @ $2.99 ea