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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Casting Call

As my current project “Indigo” is out to beta readers (and one of them is already finished with it!), I need something to occupy my brain as I wait for the criticisms to roll in. For the record, I’m much less neurotic this time around but I always get a little apprehensive when asking for feedback. Last time I got all itchy twitchy when people were giving me their opinions. When my eye starts to develop a nervous tick and a vein in my forehead starts throbbing, that leads to people slowly backing away from me with their hands raised to ward off my impending outburst.

So this time around, I thought it’d be fun to do a little casting assignment for characters from my books. Because obviously my books will be global sensations and obviously they will have to be made into movies with an unlimited budget and access to the uppermost echelon of Hollywood talent!

For those who have read “Crawl,” feel free to comment or add your own suggestions below. For those who have read “Indigo” (which is 2 at the current count, including me), well consider this a bit of a teaser.

Cast of “Crawl”

Crawl – Jodelle Ferland (as Crawl’s ‘ideal’ form)
Mother – Summer Glau
Brian McAfee – David Boreanaz
Grace Johnson – Amy Adams
Mark Carson – Joe Manganiello
Ellen Carson – Elizabeth Banks unless Joe's fiancé Audra Marie can act the part
Aidan Carson – Logan Lerman
Mary-Kate Carson – Hailee Steinfeld
Fred “Scoop” Guile – Steve Buscemi
Mr. Fairweather – Richard Dreyfuss

Cast of “Indigo”

Agent Umber – Nathan Fillion
Agent Cerise – Bryce Dallas Howard
Agent Saffron – Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Topher Grace
Agent Evergreen – Alison Brie <3
Agent Slate – Keanu Reeves (because why not? Let him play a bad guy for once)
Agent Ivory – Lance Reddick
Roman – Kodi Smit-McPhee
Iris – Willow Shields
Cherry – Liliana Mumy
Radar – Jaden Smith
Charlie – Morgan Freeman

And of course, everyone who reads the books will be cast as extras. That goes without saying :)


PS: In the time it took me to write this, a second person (who just so happens to be my #1 fan) finished "Indigo." 2 down, billions to go!


Nancy said...

I am so totally behind almost every single one of these choices. I was actually picturing Nathan Fillion as I was reading Indigo. ;) You should add casting director to your extensive list of skills!

Except the Jaden Smith thing. Part of my soul shriveled up when I read that, so Imma just pretend it didn't happen.

Vincent Kale said...

As we discussed on the Jaden Smith casting: you present me with another young, black actor and I will reconsider. I underestimated your love of Radar :)
Radar is one of my favorites too and he and Saffron will work quite closely together in the future)

Nancy said...

You openly mocked me for liking a minor character, and now you tell me he is one of your favorites? We're gonna fight in the street about this!!

Jamie Manning said...

Awesome "Crawl" cast, Vincent! I love Jodelle, Joe M as Mark, and Richard Dreyfuss--yes!!

My favorite has to be Summer Glau as Mother...I love love love her!