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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Win an Autographed Copy of Crawl!

As March is rapidly coming to a close and April Fools' Day is hours away, I wanted to get a quick blog post in lest you think me a prankster. (Honestly, the biggest joke played on all of us this year has been the promise of Spring weather...) So, without further ado, here's how you can get your hands on a free, autographed copy of "Crawl!"

First, head on over to Michelle Davidson Argyle's blog and familiarize yourself with her upcoming projects. She is an author of contemporary, literary and fantasy fiction who recently had her novel "Monarch" picked up by Rhemalda Publishing. The site is full of news, advice and contests all centered around the literary world.

"Sounds great," you say, "but how do I win a copy of your awesomazing book?"

All right, settle down. You can click here to check out her post announcing the contest as well as all the goodies you can win. Here's a peak:

* 1 query critique w/ full discussion over email, phone or Skype about your book
* 1 partial critique (first 3 chapters) w/ full discussion over email, phone or Skype about your book
* one book by Mette Ivie Harrison with some signed bookmarks, two signed books by Ren Garcia, and one signed book by Vincent Kale.

Oh hey there I am! So do yourself a favor and sign up for the newsletter! You'll not only get to keep tabs an on up and coming writer, but you'll get a chance at winning free swag!

Stay tuned to Crawlspace to see when I might just be running a contest of my own!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have Crawl, Will Travel

In the few short weeks that "Crawl" has been available, copies of it have already traveled the world. I fully expected to saturate every corner of Pennsylvania with the book because it's my homebase and that's where I know the most people. And, let's face it, people are still the ones reading least until our alien overlords arrive. I will gladly sell "Crawl" to them too and autograph it in whatever language they choose...

Due to the magical powers of the interwebs (and some awesome networking hookups from a friend of mine), "Crawl" has already traveled further than I have. Yes, it's crept its way into the neighboring states of West Virginia, New Jersey and New York. Why, it's even gone from the suburbs of Boston to the sandy shores of Florida to the poolside patios of Las Vegas. What's truly amazing to me is that "Crawl" has gone international. And not just the copy I'll be sending to a reader in the UK (which is awesome!) but the TROPICAL kind of international. I present for your viewing pleasure and jealousy: "'Crawl' in Cancun"

How gorgeous is that? The way the sunlight is swallowed by the darkness? The way the skull takes on the color of the sand? Yeah, I'm talking about my book cover but I guess the beach is nice too. And no, that's not my dainty little hand holding the book. Sadly I did not get to accompany this particular copy on vacation thankyouverymuch to a friend who will remain nameless!

I swear, a guy works his fingers to the bone to write a good book and before you know it, the thing runs off to Mexico with some hottie while I'm stuck here! I'll remember that the next time.


Monday, March 14, 2011

News and Reviews

Let me bring you up to speed if you haven't been around for the last few weeks:

I recently made my horror novel "Crawl" available for purchase in print or in eBook format from Lulu (you can order by clicking that stylish orange button on the right). It's also in e-format over at Amazon if you have yourself a Kindle.

The response so far has been nothing but positive and that has definitely taken the edge off of my self-publishing anxiety. You may not know this, but there is still a negative stigma attached to self-publishing, as people view it as amateurish and unprofessional. Success stories such as those of J. A. Konrath and Amanda Hocking have helped to narrow this perceived divide between the traditionally and the independently published. I guess becoming an overnight millionaire means you're doing something right.

While my ideal situation would be to make enough money to live comfortably off of only my writing, I know this won't happen any time soon...maybe ever. The above-mentioned authors have put years upon years of practice into refining their craft, increasing their volume and developing a platform. So while it may seem like an overnight success, it was only possible after many months of trials and tribulations. And that is exactly the marathon I'm just now beginning...

But, I'm off to a good start! People seem to enjoy "Crawl" and it will hopefully gain some traction in the coming months and years. Some of my favorite anecdotes so far involve my friend's husband stealing the book from her to read it before she could get her hands on it, another friend sharing "Crawl" with her cousin's horror-appreciation club (new friends + cha-ching!) and, of course, my mother pimping the book out to pretty much everyone she's ever met. I've also discovered there are literally an infinite number of ways to autograph a book, though they are definitely not created equal.

Probably the coolest thing I've seen so far is a book review of "Crawl" done by Jamie Manning over at his Writers Write, Right? blog. How do I love this review? Let me count the ways:
1) Jamie had zero reason to appease my ego. We've never met. We share no relatives in common to my knowledge. No money or free copies or promises of future payments in gold brick were exchanged. In short, it was a completely impartial review and his opinion was based solely on the merits of the work.

2) He actually liked it! Liked is too lame a word. The review was positively glowing and that, of course, made me happy. But not so happy as reason #3.

3) Jamie got it. He really picked up on the emotional range and arc I wanted the reader to achieve. His articulate review had me going "Yes. Perfect. Awesome!" with each beat he described.

4) Also, Jamie made sure to share the review both on my Lulu page and on Amazon, which was above and beyond what I had expected. He also made mention that I was self-published and, though self-published books still carry that amateur tag, he was fully in my corner. Check out Jamie's blog for my review and updates on his own project!

Also, a free copy of "Crawl" will be available through Michelle Davidson Argyle's April giveaway! I will definitely be autographing this sucker, so stay tuned! I'll have more details as spring approaches.

And, since Daylight Saving Time has addled my brains completely, I must be off.
Beware the Ides of March!