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Thursday, April 21, 2011


One of the coolest things about writing a book is being able to see your creation fully realized in the palm of your hands. Before the days of print-on-demand technology, this was probably more of a rare achievement, but no less exciting. Now, thanks to, I can order proofs of my books before I make them available to my adoring fans.

And good thing I did too! Because even though I like this particular cover:

hoo boy did I find a bunch of errors that would scream 'amateur' were this to be available for purchase. Mostly formatting stuff, little things here and there that I have to change for clarification or flow. But the good news is that, not only did I crush half the book in one night (I love this story, if you can't tell yet), I also have four additional copies going out to my dedicated beta-readers. I can only hope they're as excited as I am, before AND after reading it!

In other news, remember to check back on the blog tomorrow morning for this week's installment of the Midnight Society. It's a Lovecraft inspired shorty by yours truly!

Oh and you can save 20% on a purchase of "Crawl" between now and April 26th by entering the code HOP at! Just click that brightly colored button over there ^>^>^> or clickity click here!

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