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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hey folks! Welcome back to those of you who took a trip to Crazytown for the Rapture! Don't fret, I hear we have another shot at it on October 21st.
Anyhow, here are a couple quick updates:

Yesterday, I received a copy of Alexander Brown's short story/novella collection, "Traumatized". I'll be posting a review once I'm done reading it, but in the meantime, I'll let the man behind the book explain it! And check out his site here!

Today, I'm finally picking up my copy of "Dog Blood" (which you can buy by doing a clickityclick on that fancy button up there!)! For those not in the know, "Dog Blood" is the sequel to "Hater" by David Moody. I'm very excited to start this book and I'll let you know why in my upcoming review of "Hater." For all things Moody, check out his site!

A beta copy of "Indigo" is once again traveling (much like "Crawl" did) to exotic locales and dream destinations well before its author will (sad face). But, I do love the support and enthusiasm that Mr. and Mrs. Vacation are giving my work and I will continue to force them to read it until they agree to take me with them!

In editing news: I suck at editing. The. End.

But really, I'm struggling with a rewrite of "Blackwatch"
, mostly because I'm being lazy, watching a lot of Dexter and playing a lot of Fallout 3. I know, I know. I'll get back to work soon, I promise!

Which brings me to my 2nd and 3rd phases of 2011: querying and writing NEW STUFF!

Querying agents is a brutal, nerve-wracking and time-consuming task, but I feel I'm much more prepared and competent than I was with my first attempt. Live, learn and query!

Writing new stuff, however, is what I live for. Fans of "Crawl," and even those who've read "Blackwatch" and "Indigo," may be surprised by what I've (probably?) chosen for my next project. More news on that in the coming weeks!

For now, make sure you check out my summery short submission for the "Midnight Society" tomorrow morning and then have yourselves a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!


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