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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Case of the Flying Time

Do you people realize that it's May? MAY! Like almost-halfway-through-2011-already-May! I honestly don't know where the time goes. (Well, I do know where 8 hours of it a day goes, but I do ever so like a paycheck so I can't complain too much.)

But where do the other 128 hours a week go? I sure don't feel like I get a lot of sleep, but let's say I get the recommended 8 hours a night (ha!). That should still leave me with 72 hours to get stuff done. Oh, there's the problem...stuff!

Too much stuff! Bliggity blogs, Faceyspaces and Tweetypages. Not to mention TV...

Wouldn't you just love to control time itself? Stop it when you need a break (now I want a Kit-Kat), or fast-forward it when you're stuck in a meeting. Or maybe you think bigger than that. Maybe you want to zoom ahead to the future to make sure we're still around after December 21st, 2012. Or perhaps you'd rather zip into the past and take a look at dinosaurs or Pilgrims or ancient Egyptians or anything!

I've always been fascinated with time travel. I've also, coincidentally, always been flummoxed by time itself. So it's no surprise that my interest/confoundedness in time and time travel has translated into a story. Maybe you've heard me talk about "Blackwatch" before? (How weird is it that I broke down my free time in that post too?? That was completely unplanned and it makes me worry about myself...)

Anyway! Now that "Indigo" is in the hands of my beta readers, it's time for me to dedicate the merry month of May to "Blackwatch." I've got big BIG edits in store for Lamarr and Tinka. They're going to have their work cut out for them this time around! So, if any of you solve the riddle of time travel between now and then, please travel from THEN to NOW and let me in on your secret, pretty please.


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