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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Blog Pox!

As some of you may know, Blogger got a case of the "Friday the 13ths" and gobbled up a bunch of people's posts. So, while I wait for the original post to be restored, here's a summary of what you should have seen yesterday:

- I came across a familiar name in the daily publishing newsletter, Publishers Lunch. The line read, "Meagan Spooner's THE IRON WOOD, a "magicpunk" trilogy, to auction." The reason this is so cool is that, last fall, Ms. Spooner and I entered a pitch contest at Adventures in Children's Publishing. Her snippet of THE IRON WOOD took first place (and most deservedly so), but was so impressive to me that I sent her a congratulatory email and wished her luck with publication.

Well 3 months after that, Ms. Spooner got herself an agent. Six months after that and her trilogy is going to auction! AWESOME! It's cool enough to see debut authors get book deals, but even cooler when you share blogs/forums/comments with them! So, you should probably check out her webpage so that when THE IRON WOOD is a mega-franchise, you can say you'd been there from the beginning(ish)!


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Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I love success stories like that! :)