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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vote for the Winner of Mad Libs!

On Friday, I asked for volunteers from the viewing audience to submit ten words to be plugged into a Mad Libs story. I only received 3 submissions, so I'll be able to show you all of them today. I'd imagine most of you had better things to do like visit with family, hit the beach 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

America is gross.
Anyway, here is the following basic template I had for the Mad Lib:

The (1)(2)(3) climbed the hill to (4) the (5) Princess. Unfortunately, the Princess was out (6)(7), so (3) went to (8) and made some (9)(10).

And here is my harmless story that went along with it:

The scaly green dragon climbed the hill to visit the lonely Princess. Unfortunately, the Princess was out collecting flowers, so the dragon went home and made some delicious tea.

Perfectly fine, although a bit boring. Now, with a few minor grammatical tweaks by me, let's take a look at what our contestants wanted to do with the Princess:

1) The redundant, rigor-mortis-induced, mottled purple Fairly Oddparent galloped up the hill to visit the feverish Princess. Unfortunately, the Princess was out whimpering over word counts, so the Fairly Oddparent went to Anchorage, Alaska and made some illustrious Starbucks.

2) The swell, scarlet chupacabra climbed the hill to chew the lawless Princess. Unfortunately, the Princess was out painting onions, so the chupacabra went to the barbershop and made some comfortable gillyweed.

3) The voracious, macaroni-and-cheese-colored General Sherman climbed the hill to swallow the pleasing Princess. Unfortunately, the Princess was out stroking fingers, so General Sherman went behind the couch and made some dominating roofie-coladas.

The fun thing about Mad Libs is how quickly they can turn inappropriate.

So now it's up to YOU to determine which version is the best! Please vote by putting your order (Best > Okay > Worst) in the comments section. Also, please let me know if you'd like to do future Mad Libs!

And a happy belated 4th of July everyone!


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