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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mad Libs Winner!

Earlier this week, I posted the three entries for the Mad Libs contest. After much deliberation, I have decided on a winner! Here is Keith's entry:

The redundant, rigor-mortis-induced, mottled purple Fairly Oddparent galloped up the hill to visit the feverish Princess. Unfortunately, the Princess was out whimpering over word counts, so the Fairly Oddparent went to Anchorage, Alaska and made some illustrious Starbucks.

While the other two submissions were hilarious in their own right, I had to go with Keith's for two reasons:
1) "whimpering over word counts" made me laugh out loud every time I read it
2) For some reason, I like to think that this is how Sarah Palin got to Alaska

Now, to the victor go the spoils! While I don't have much in the way of swag, I will gladly post a shout out for Keith's blog, "The Midnight Creepshow." From Keith's profile - Forty something, once was Dick Smith student now living the dream with my family on our horse farm. Hoping to be a published writer someday and a collected artist perhaps.

It's a fairly new blog with some promising writing by way of his short story, "Last Stop." And Keith clearly has good taste in horror movies, as his blog post shows. So stop by The Midnight Creepshow, congratulate Keith on his Mad Libs' skills and check out his work!


1 comment:

Keith said...

Mr. Kale, Thank You so much for selecting my submission! I certainly didn't expect it.(I think the third one was my favorite). I did know another writer would appreciate the word count reference, but how could I have known it was whimpering? Funny! And thank you even more for the props to my blog. I hope whomever stumbles upon it enjoys the Last Stop. I've got a couple more ready to go following it. Again thanks, and I will return the favor on the Creepshow.