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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Finalists

As promised, here are the final six story ideas I'm considering for National Novel Writers Month in November! Please take a look at the brief descriptions and vote for which one captures your interest the most! Any comments you have will be most helpful.

Dark Rebellion (fantasy):
A young orc, banished from his homeland and left to survive in the wilderness, finds unlikely hospitality in a band of woodland elves. In the midst of a war, he must return home and choose sides: his family who abandoned him or his elven friends, whose human allies have enslaved his people.

Indigo (sci-fi):
Detective Umber must work with fellow agents of SPECTRUM, a privatized police force, in order to solve the mass kidnapping of children who are rumored to have psychic abilities.

The Business of Murder (thriller):
Junior follows in his father’s footsteps when he starts an internship at the Academy, the world’s foremost corporation for assassins. Their business is murder. Business is good.

The Romero Strain (horror):
A scientist wages a personal war against a deadly virus that has turned 90% of the world into the living dead, but his research suggests their salvation may lie in the creation of an even worse abomination.

Undead Delivery [horror/humor(?)]:
Finding a summer job is infinitely more difficult when your neighborhood is overrun by zombies. Luckily, the pizza delivery guys are still hiring and they just so happen to be the best zombie killers around.

Crock (literary):
Twelve-year-old Finn goes in search of the legendary pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in order to save his family’s farm, while aging train-robbers return to claim their long-buried loot. Finn encounters Irish fairy folk along the way as he and the robbers inch inevitably closer to the treasure they all seek.


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Jamie said...

I would love to read The Romero Strain or Indigo...those sound awesome!