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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The thing is --

I'm gonna have to blame the weather for my recent lack of ambition. Summertime in Pittsburgh is usually beautiful, very conducive to outdoor activities. I happen to write a LOT when I can spend some time outside. Give me a warm sunny day in the park and I'll give you a novel. Guaranteed.

However, this summer has been categorically the worst on record (at least from my perspective.) The only decent days have come in the middle of the work week. It's either overcast and oppressively humid or it's pouring down rain. I love a good thunderstorm, but hail and lightning tend to ruin my manuscript.

So I've been forced back into the early bastions of writing: crowded coffee shops, creepy libraries or worse, my own home. While each of those places have their pros and cons, home has sooooo many distractions. Like my cat who loves to act as a paperweight or an assistant typist. Or the Netflix DVDs in their pretty red and white packaging that call my name.

It's all part of the job I guess. So tonight, no more distractions. Back to editing!

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