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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Quick Note Before Skynet Shuts Me Down

Skynet is live. Computers are aware. For some reason, they're after me.

Personally, it's been an odd day as far as technology goes: my phone refuses to do what I tell it and responds with snarky "error" messages, my computer fails to load webpages while my co-workers zip through Facebook and kitten videos unperturbed and a query email to a literary agent may have gotten lost in the ever-confusing series of internet tubes. There are some bright spots, however!

When I finally DID get my computer to work, I was able to get details on two anthologies I'd like to submit to. One is "World's Collider" (which you can read up on here). The other is through BlackSails Press and is featuring a mash-up of vampires and steampunk. The category was unexpected, but it will add a nice little twist that I can feature in my story.

One other bit of good news from Skynet is that sent me a promo code for people to use if they'd like a copy of "Crawl" or "Indigo," both of which can be found here. Use promo code AWESOME305 to get an additional 15% off until September 30th! Tell your friends!

Have a happy (and safe) Labor Day Weekend! It may be the last one we have before the robot overlords take over, so enjoy it!


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