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Thursday, September 1, 2011

An INDIGO Review for You to!

(Picture courtesy of the awesome reviewer mentioned below.)

It's always nice to hear from people who read my stories. Whether they're blog posts, short stories, serials or novel-length fiction, I love hearing people's reactions. In all honesty, it's a dream of mine to be able to sit in a room with a handful of die-hard fans who just want to discuss a particular story/character/scene. So getting this type of feedback in my early days really lets me know how my writing is being translated in the heads of readers. It tells me what I'm doing right and what I still need to work on and, because of that, it's invaluable.

Comments from other readers also help me to convince the uninitiated that, "Hey! These stories ain't half bad!" Let's face it, I could sit here all day and tell you how great I am at putting words in order. But to expect people to put their hard earned cash down on the counter for those words, it helps to have some (more or less) impartial reviews.

Case in point: here's a review of "Indigo" by Nancy at her blog, A Cut Above...Something. As a bonus, her review features a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! If that's not enough to get you over there, I dunno what is...unless you hate rainbows, in which case you might be more interested in reading "Crawl."

(Disclaimer: "Indigo" has little to do with rainbows and more to do with corporate corruption, a hard-boiled detective with a cybernetic arm and a group of kidnapped children with devastating psychic powers. Take that, rainbows!)

If Nancy's review has piqued your interest, you can buy your very own copy through! Paperback and/or eVersion(pdf) available!

For the record, my real favorite color has always been varying shades of green, but as for the book...definitely Umber! :)


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