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Friday, February 25, 2011

Cool Things That Happen When You Publish a Book

I'm slowly getting over the anxiety of making my work available to my adoring public. Certain very cool things have helped me along the way. They are as follows:

-My Mom. I mean obviously she's going to buy whatever I write and tell me it's the best thing ever penned by human hands, but her unwavering support makes every endeavor that much easier.

-My friends. Again, I appreciate that they're eager to gobble up anything I put out there. They form the first circle of the fan club.

-Other bloggers. Jamie, over at "Writers Write, Right?" not only bought a copy of "Crawl," but offered to review it on his blog once he finished it. How cool is that? Check out his site and you can see that "Crawl" has taken up a prestigious spot on his Nook.

-Other authors. Michelle Davidson Argyle, author of the lovely novella Cinders, has offered to include a copy of "Crawl" in her monthly giveaway! More details on that as it nears. Pretty cool stuff!

Michelle, recently represented by Rhemalda Publishing, has her debut novel "Monarch" coming out this September. Check out the book trailer here or head over to Goodreads to see how you can pre-order!

Awesome things are happening in 2011 and you can get an early start on it! Click on the orange button on the top right of the screen to buy a copy of "Crawl" from either on paperback or in e-format. If you buy from Lulu, use promo code IDES305 until 3/15/11 to save 15%! Beware the Ides of March!

You can also pick it up for your Kindle at Amazon!

Thanks again to everyone who's already purchased it! I hope you love it enough to post a review wherever you bought it. Have a great weekend!



Jessica said...

Once it gets here and I read it, I'll most definitely post a review. Too bad I only have 5 followers...but I'll post it nonetheless :) :)

Jamie - I'm a guy, btw said...

Thanks for the shout out Vincent...awesome of you! And I'm still planning that review as soon as I get done with Crawl, so be on the lookout people!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Thanks for the mention! How have I totally missed your blog before? Sorry about that.