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Friday, September 24, 2010


Some quick news bits today:

1) I narrowed down my list of potential projects from a very daunting 17 to a moderately more manageable 6. I really feel like I have enough substance and excitement to take any one of these 6 to completion. In no particular order, here are the (potential) titles and genres of the final six:

Dark Rebellion (fantasy)
Indigo (sci-fi)
The Business of Murder (thriller)
The Romero Strain (horror)
Undead Delivery [horror/humor(?)]
Crock (literary)

More info to come over the next couple of weeks!

2) Since the theme of this post is "Celebrations!" it's only appropriate to mention that it's NATIONAL PUNCTUATION DAY! Celebrate as you will. I prefer to go to happy hour and shout things like "Pilcrow!" and "Interrobang!" to unsuspecting passersby.

3) And for those in the dating game who also happen to be writers, had this link: "Myths About Dating Writers" which I find hilarious and all too true. Makes me appreciate those who were drawn in by the mystique and driven away by the craziness. An ex-girlfriend once told me she was petrified of sounding stupid on AIM (does anyone remember/still use that?) because I "spoke" so well, so she used to triple-check her chats before she sent them. My insanity drives other people insane apparently.

While insanity is a terrible transition for this next comment, the dating portion is kind of appropriate. Only because a very good and bestest friend of mine quite recently became engaged! (That's kind of a weird way to say it, almost like she's currently in a heated battle or something...but no, it was the nice, pleasant "we're going to get married" kind of engaged.)

So, 4) Congratulations to Anonymous Best Friend and Anonymous Best Friend's Fiance! Stop working and go celebrate! I'll have a drink for the both of you! INTERROBANG!



Jamie said...

Wow, six projects? I thought I was taking on way too much with go!

Vincent Kale said...

Sometimes I wish I had fewer projects in my head at time! I tend to be a bit...scatter-brained when it comes to writing. I'm easily distracted by shiny new ideas.