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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Updates Galore!

Recently I participated in Miss Snark's First Victim "Secret Agent Contest." These monthly contests allow aspiring authors to get an intimate review of their work from a well established literary agent. It's a very cool blog and a very welcoming community with tons of opportunities to refine your craft, compare experiences with other aspiring others and hopefully get noticed by an agent!

This month's Secret Agent just so happened to be Rachelle Gardner at Word Serve Literary. Though she did not choose my manuscript (wisely, because it really doesn't jive with what she's looking for), she did leave some very positive and constructive feedback. And that's really what I'm after these days!

In other news, the The Literary Lab is hosting a short story contest featuring prizes in six different genres: science-fiction/fantasy, horror/crime, literary, romance/women's fiction, children's literature/middle grade/young adult, or experimental. Check them out!

I'll be attempting to submit a short story in each category.
Wish me luck!


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