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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Current Project vs Future Projects

I'm currently in the process of re-editing (again) and adding new chapters (again) to my project 'Crawl'. I'm hoping to add about 30 pages / 10,000 words or so. Most of the attention for this round is focused on further fleshing out the main characters and getting away from the setting within the house.

Though this will only make sense to those of you who've actually read the story...

Anyway! Other projects that gnaw at the back of my mind while I work on this one are as follows:

Silverblood - a masculine, gritty and guttural response to the pixie dust of the Twilight saga, that will do for werewolves what Blade did for vampires, hopefully

SPECTRUM Operations - a cop drama set in the future where the police force as we know it has given way to a commercially financed and operated security force; the socialized police department is left as a tattered and shabby shadow of its former self

The Romero Strain - because who doesn't like zombie stories? This one will hopefully have something in it that's never been seen anywhere in the zombie genre before (and yes I give it its own genre)

Grave Roberts - a former convict with a violent past and a guilt-ridden present takes up a job assisting the local graveyard caretaker. He quickly discovers that the ghosts that haunt his dreams aren't the only departed souls that he can see. An army of them walk the halls of the caretaker's house, demanding closure from the other side. If he can save them, maybe there's a chance he can save himself.

Sanctuary series - my counterpart to the Harry Potter series, as told from a group of gifted students attending the American version of Hogwarts (it pissed me off that Rowling didn't mention an American wizarding institution in the world, even though France and Russia/Germany got one).

Maybe not all will be lucrative, maybe not all will be finished, but they'll certainly keep me busy!

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