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Monday, November 15, 2010

Let's Talk About Deadlines

It's half-way through November, which means I should be half-way through "Indigo," right? Right. And half-way means 25,000 words, right? Right.

Here's the problem...

I'm about 5,000 behind! How did that even happen? For two weeks I had been diligently keeping ahead of the 1,667 words a day pace. So what changed?

Oh, just a little thing called life. I'm way over-extended this month and have already cut back on some things I had planned just to squeeze in writing time. Unfortunately I now have to play catch up. I'm literally only writing this because I have another obligation in about 15 minutes and that simply does not give me enough time to dive back into the story. Let's hope said obligations do not take forever tonight because it's only Monday and I'm exhausted. sigh...

In other news, Miss Snark's First Victim is running a mega-awesome contest! If you have a project that's ready for submission, check this out!

I had fully intended on entering and was genuinely excited about it. But "Blackwatch" is nowhere near ready for it and I won't take the spot away from someone else who deserves it more. Besides, one less thing on my plate right now will be a glorious thing...

15 days and counting, 20,000 words and climbing.


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