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Friday, February 27, 2009


So the first short story submitted to Glimmer Train: REJECTED!
(I wish I had a big red rubber REJECTED stamp gif that I could use here)
No big deal, it was a shot in the dark anyway. There's still one under consideration.

Also! Two weeks now until I find out if I'm a quaterfinalist for Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Contest. 1 of 500 is much more satisfying than 1 of 10,000.

Stay tuned!


Sean Paul Ellis said...

Keep it up and don't let the rejection get you down. I'm excited to hear the news in two weeks!

RRosenow said...

Found one... dunno if this is going to help morale :-P.

Keep on rocking

Kristan said...

I submitted once (or twice?) to Glimmer Train too, also rejected. Then I realized, why pay for rejection when so many other mags give it out for free?!